Building Design

Building Design Strategy
We provide bespoke low energy design advice that considers both building services and architecture. This includes advice on insulation levels, air tightness, and efficient mechanical and electrical services. We can provide design and construction advice to meet Passivhaus standards – a rigorous European standard for energy efficiency in buildings.
Building Services Design

Our engineers are experienced in the design of traditional and modern building services systems for many applications and building types.  We design heating and cooling, hot and cold water, lighting, greywater and rainwater, renewable energy, and ventilation systems.  In keeping with our philosophy, we always design simple, robust, and efficient systems, keeping in mind usability and future maintenance.

We are knowledgeable in the environmental attributes of building services materials from cradle to grave, including refrigerants, and forms of insulation and can advise on the impact of these materials.

To meet national carbon targets, we have to design better buildings and we must monitor buildings in use to improve our designs. We can recommend strategies to monitor the energy and water consumption of buildings as well as environmental conditions, to ensure design intentions are met.

We incorporate economic analysis in our design, providing cost/benefit analysis and life cycle assessment.  We keep up to date with additional sources of funding including government incentives, feed in tariff rates that our clients may be able to access. By working closely with contractors and cost consultants, we provide real-world costs of technologies and construction works.

Building Assessment

Our network includes registered BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessors, who provide advice for strategic planning and assessments at any stage in the design and construction process. Additionally,  our qualified assessors can perform SBEM, SAP and Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) calculations.

Policy Advice

We provide comprehensive advice on designing and building buildings to meet today’s and tomorrow’s legislation,  keeping with future changes to government policy. We provide Energy Options Appraisals and advice on the sustainability of buildings in design. Better sustainability performance of new buildings can help gain planning approval and we can help communicate this to planners.



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