Our work

We have worked with a wide variety of clients. From commercial offices, to educational facilities and industrial units, we have identified cost-effective energy reduction strategies for all of them.

We worked with Amida to benchmark their office’s sustainability performance  and set a 30% carbon reduction target. Staff were highly receptive and  motivated to be involved with energy reduction measures.


We carried out a sustainability audit for Pulsin’s offices and manufacturing plant. We have  identified a range of solutions to reduce their carbon emissions, from achieving a  significant reduction in standby power loads to more efficient use of existing heating and  cooling equipment.


Our audit of the PRP offices in London have been the largest to date. We provided a  suite of recommendations for this 150 person office to reduce its energy use, ranging from  IT solutions to a more effective lighting.


Our Greenwich Community College audit revealed large savings that could be realised immediately. Recommended energy reduction measures focused on the heating  and air-conditioning systems. Additionally, we identified significant scope for occupant  behaviour change strategies.


We have worked with SBEO to provide mechanical services design services and advise on  a range of residential projects.



We work with the Good Homes Alliance, advising their housing developer members on  building performance monitoring and testing, and how to achieve effective, efficient  ventilation in new homes.




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