How we work

At our core we are a collective performing an engineering service. However, we believe it is essential to incorporate the best aspects of other industries to produce a holistic service.

Technical Services

Our engineering expertise comes from the design and operation of low energy buildings. We also have complementary experience in working in the fields of renewable energy technologies and building performance evaluation. When designing and auditing buildings we use modern computer modelling software and analysis tools. When existing tools have proved unable to meet our requirements, we have developed in-house tools. This culture of innovation has been essential to our success.

Social marketing

Dynamic computer modelling and economic analysis are our core tools – however we ensure the human element has been thoughtfully considered in our approach. Pulling from expertise in social marketing enables us to comprehensively address energy consumption in buildings by understanding how best to tackle behaviour change.

Green branding

By drawing experts fromĀ outside the building industry, we are able to offer services like sustainability marketing and communications which complement our technical skills.



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